Friday, June 12, 2009

Having a bad day at work - Maritime Edition

Seacoast Online is reporting that an oil tanker called the Torm Mary struck the bottom of the Piscataqua River near the Irving Oil terminal in Portsmouth, NH.  There were no injuries and no environmental risks have been reported at this time.  They don't call them the cross-grained and wily waters of the Piscataqua for nothing.  The vessel is moored at the Irving pier awaiting a thorough inspection of its hull by divers.

Here's a photo of the Irving Oil terminal that was taken when the pier was unoccupied:

The google map below shows the location of the Irving Oil terminal.

View Larger Map

I'll post a bit more later about the Irving Oil terminal and why it's so important to the greater Seacoast region of NH.


  1. Very cool thabnks for posting these. I watched it leave from the New Castle Lighthouse on Sunday.

    Bob Sheesley

  2. Thanks for the comment Bob.

    FYI, since you seem to be a bit of a "ship watcher," you may be interested in a site called

    This site shows user generated content about departures and arrivals of ships at various ports around the world.

    They seem to have some interesting info about what's going in an out of Portsmouth Harbor.

    Here's a link on the New England, which was in Portsmouth the other day:

    Also, here's one on the Torm Mary

    You can contribute info and pictures if you're so inclined.



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