Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Greenland Mall Construction Update - #2

A few weeks ago I did a post about the progress at the new shopping center that's under construction in Greenland, NH. I thought I'd do a quick update on the progress on the new Target and Lowe's stores, and get some new photos.

As you can see from these new photos, Target certainly looks ready to go. Although before you head on over to Greenland, you should know that the grand opening for Target isn't until July 26th.

Even though the store isn't open yet, the parking lot was bustling when I shot these photos. Presumably, these cars belong to the new employees who are stocking the shelves and getting ready for the grand opening.

Even the shopping carts and cash registers look ready to go!

Progress on the Lowe's building to the left of the new Target, is not quite as far along. The shell of the building is more defined than it was in my previous post, but the construction crew on this job has lots to do before Lowe's will be doing any grand openings. I think they're still on track for a fall/winter opening at Lowe's. (UPDATE: according to SeacoastOnline, the opening is scheduled for Jan 8, 2010).

Despite all this activity on the site, there's still no sign of a Stop and Shop building. There is an unpaved empty gravel area to the right of Target, that I presume will be the Stop and Shop building, but so far there's no sign of any construction there. Let's hope they're not a victim of the tough economy.

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