Friday, July 31, 2009

Greenland Mall Construction Update - #3

Target is bustling with shoppers following its grand opening last week. According to this recent MSN Money article, the Greenland target is one of 17 new stores with expanded food options:
The 17 expanded food stores offer all of the merchandise found in our general merchandise stores with the added convenience of fresh food. This new format has an open-market layout and features new food additions including basic fresh produce, fresh meat and bakery goods. Each expanded food format store employs 100-250 team members and is approximately 135,000 square feet.
According to this SeacoastOnline article, the Greenland store has 123,688 square feet of space and employs 165 people. Also, the store has a Starbucks, Target Cafe, and a pharmacy.

The word on the street is that Lowe's (shown above) is targeting an early December opening (UPDATE: according to SeacoastOnline, it's now scheduled for Jan 8, 2010). The shell of the building is coming along and it won't be long before the roof is ready to go on.

Pictured above, just behind the red Target ball, is the gravel space where the new Stop & Shop store will go.

Apparently, they've signed a lease on the land and are paying rent, but as of yesterday, they haven't broken ground on the new store. I'm not sure why construction is delayed, but I'll dig a little to see what I can learn and provide an update later.


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